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On a train to Maitland [May. 8th, 2010|10:55 am]
[Current Location |Australia, New South Wales]

Oh well. I had a ball last night, shooting Tegan and Sara and dancing to their tunes afterwards. It was mind-blowing! The longest Encore ever! 5 songs!! To all ages crowd in a huge venue which didn't even got sold out.
Sara lost her red bull in a car, while driving, and it was nowhere to be found. Weird stuff happens, when you're stuck in traffic.

After the show we had to head off to purple sneakers birthday bash! The cake was so good! Fuck diet!) haha. Was quite entertaining to see all the friends I haven't seen in ages. All the lovely people)

So I'm on a train to Grooving the Moo festival at the moment. Was just passing Gosford. I love the fact of a lake there. Best ever. Sydney sucks with all those beaches.
A train carriege full of brainless teens kinda pisses me off. Grrr Douchbags.
Luckly my friends are avaiting me at the showgrounds and it's only an hour away already. :) sweet

The line-up for me is: Jono Boulet, Lisa Mitchell, British India, Bag Riders, Grinspoon, Kid Koala, Miami Horror, Spoon, Tegan and Sara, Vampire Weekend, Silverchair. Then home! Hopefully.

Will have a quiet weekend, getting ready for college and next week. Shooting Cloud Control and going to VW+afterparty with Chris Baio:) Lovely.

Follow my Twitter for festival feed. :)
Have a nice day, everyone.

photos tbc xx


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